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A Nerd who loves to draw.!

Pen Name: @Impyys

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Hey, I'm Impyys, just a regular artist chasing my dream of going pro. Please don't judge if I mess up sometimes, I'm still learning and working hard to turn my love for art into a real job. I love to design original anime characters and to create illustrations by adapting fun & unique ideas. Not only, I am a skilled illustrator but a huge anime, and manga fan which means I can get on the same page as you, very quickly.

The area I have got you covered:

  •  Character Design

  •  2D Vtuber Models

  •  Live 2D Rigging

  •  Ecchi/Soft NSFW 

  •  Cover Illustrations

  •  Chibi characters

  •  Mascot design


I have been working as a freelance illustrator for the past five years, collaborating across various platforms. While I have gained significant experience in this field, I am relatively new to Live2D Rigging. However, I am continuously learning and exploring new techniques every day.

I have had the opportunity to work on several models, which you can observe in the attached showcase. If you take a look at my portfolio and believe that my style aligns with your vision, I assure you that I will dedicate my full effort to deliver high-quality and detailed work at a reasonable price. 


  • The software I use to Draw:- Photoshop CC, Paint Tool SAI, Clip Studio paint,

  • Rigging Software:- Live 2D


I am pretty flexible with my clients..!  Please Feel free to discuss projects before hiring.

Chaitanya .S {​​​​​​Aka' Impyys}​​​​​​

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