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A Nerd who loves to draw.!


Pen Name: @Impyys

Also Available on:

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I am an enthusiastic artist known by the alias ‘Impyys' who loves to design original anime characters and create anime-style illustrations by adapting fun & unique ideas. Not only, I am a skilled illustrator but a huge anime, and manga fan which means I can get on the same page as you, very quickly.

The area I have got you covered:

  •  Character Design

  •  2D Vtuber Models

  •  Live 2D Rigging

  •  Ecchi/Soft NSFW 

  •  Cover Illustrations

  •  Chibi characters

  •  Mascot design


It's been Five years since I have been working as a freelance illustrator across various platforms. However, I am relatively new to Live2d Rigging but learning new stuff everyday and had the opportunities to work on some models as you can see in my attached showcase. If you look at my work and feel that I could help you, I'll put my whole effort into it to provide high-quality and detailed work at a reasonable price as I was still improving my skills.


  • The software I use to Draw:- Photoshop CC, Paint Tool SAI, Clip Studio paint,

  • Rigging Software:- Live 2D


I am pretty flexible with my clients..!  Please Feel free to discuss projects before hiring.

Chaitanya .S {​​​​​​Aka' Impyys}​​​​​​

Sexy anime character commission wearing Cow print Bikini
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