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Production Flow.!

This is a series of steps from order to delivery.


Your future 2D Vtuber Model designer

Sketch DRAFT .webp


Once I receive all the details, I will begin working on your character based on your ideas. I will then send you a draft to confirm the character's appearance. During this process, you can request multiple revisions until we achieve the desired look.

After the sketch is approved, I will proceed to complete the lineart and provide three different base colorings according to your specifications. This step allows us to check if any color changes are required before moving forward with the detailing process. Once the colors are approved, I will add highlights and shadows to make the character stand out.


Base color drafts .webp
Vtuber model cutting sheet with 4 expressions


Once the character design has been approved, I will initiate the character-cutting process for rigging. You don't need to be directly involved in this step as it does not require any revisions or approval from clients.

Next, we begin the rigging process, which can be time-consuming. It typically takes approximately three weeks to complete the full rigging, including physics.


Live 2d Rigging process screen shot
Physics process screenshot of Vtuber avatar commission.webp


After the rigging is done, I will add physics to ensure that elements such as hair, jackets, tails, etc., perfectly match the body movements of the character.

Finally, the model will be ready for import into tracking software, such as Vtube Studio. At this stage, I will check the model's movements in Vtube Studio and provide you with the opportunity to review it yourself. If any minor changes are required in the rigging, I will assist you in making those adjustments.

Additionally, I will provide guidance to help you set up the model on your computer for tracking in Vtube Studio.


Finish Model testing in Vtube studio app.
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