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Terms Of  Services

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All Payments will process in USD $

  • Payment: Should be upfront before the commission is started we accept (Paypal, and Cards}. Once the offer is accepted the invoice should be sent through PayPal or Etsy Shop.

  • Refunds: Please be advised though that because of the nature of our payment processing with Payment gateways, I won't be able to accept refunds/cancellations as it will be international Orders.

  • Prices: Can vary depending on the Model art style, complexity, etc.

  • Duration (default): The deadline for the commission is  6 weeks but can take up to 2 months starting from the day of order. But during busy periods it can take even up to 3 Months to deliver the fully complete model.

  • Updates: To ensure the model turns out exactly as you expect, I will provide updates with timely draft images including Sketch, Lineart, Base color, and Final draft so that you can ask for changes at the same time while we are working on it.

  • Ownership Rights: You can use the Model for your personal usage and Commercial Use. This includes using the VTuber model on social media streams like Twitch, and Youtube, and where ever you want to use it even can sell the model design through printing on merchandise. But Note that reselling or minting the work as NFT is not authorized in any circumstances.

  • Creator Rights: As a creator {Artist] I have the rights to showcase the model on my sites/gallery and can even share the drawing process [Speedpaints] on social media like YouTube etc. And can do slight changes in the model coloring to only use on my portfolio and gallery.

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