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Terms Of  Services

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All payments will be processed in USD $. Payment must be made in advance before we commence the commission. Once you agree to the offer, we will send you the invoice via PayPal or our Etsy Shop for placing the order.

  • Commissioning a VTuber model requires clients to be of legal adult age, typically 18 years or older. If a client is below the legal adult age, they must involve their legal guardian in the commission transaction to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

  • If a client is under the age of 18, the invoice will be issued in the name and address of their guardian.

Refunds & Order Cancellation: 

  1. Cancellation of orders is not accepted | Only order if you are truly interested in the Vtuber model.

  2. You agree that you will not issue chargebacks and the ToS policy will be followed.

  3. The commission will be canceled if the issued invoice hasn't been paid for a week.


It is possible to vary depending on the art style, complexity, required features, and additional add-ons requested by clients. 


Commission types, complexity, and workload can affect Deadlines.

  1. Usually, it takes me about 2 to 3 months to complete everything without needing revisions. But if I've got a bunch of other projects lined up, it might take longer because I'm the only one working on all the commissions.

  2. If I take longer than expected to complete your order, you may receive free upgrades and Add-ons as an apology. So, keep in mind that there could be delays if you decide to order.

Production Flow:

To ensure the model turns out exactly as you expect, I will provide updates with timely draft images including Sketch, Lineart, Base color, and Final draft for more details click here.

Ownership Rights:

  1. As a Client, you can use the Model for your personal usage and Commercial Use. This includes using the VTuber model on social media streaming like Twitch, and YouTube, and wherever you want to use it, you can even sell art through merchandise printing.

  2. But Note that reselling the Model without the artist's permission is prohibited or minting the work as NFT is not authorized in any circumstances.

  3. Editing, tracing, or modifying Work without my prior permission is not allowed.

Creator Rights:

  1. As a creator {Artist] I have the rights to showcase the model on my sites/gallery and can even share the drawing process [Speedpaints] on social media like YouTube, Twitch, etc.

  2. Artist Credit is required if you use my work on Streaming & Social Media Platforms. Using my Pen Name: @Impyys and Website Link [] as credit is preferred. 

Revision Policy:

Unlimited revisions are allowed in each following steps before clients' approval in stages. But No major changes are allowed in already approved stages. 

  1. Sketch draft - Unlimited Revisions​

  2. Base Coloring - Unlimited Revisions

  3. Final Character - Unlimited Revisions

  4. Rigging - Will include Minor and Major revisions if necessary depending on the type of request.

  • You are allowed to change references as long as we haven't started working on your commission.

Other Terms:

  1. Unless otherwise stated, we reserve the right to decline any commission requests without explanation.

  2. Hardcore R-18 content and offensive themes are strongly prohibited.

  3. We retain the right to pause the project if the client fails to respond to our messages for over a month.

  4. You are welcome to check in and ping for updates, however, don't try to pressure me into finishing your project quickly, I am human and have my own personal life outside of my commission work but rest assured you'll get the best work possible in my capacity.

By commissioning, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by our Terms of Service (ToS) policy. We are not responsible for any false information provided to us.



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