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Vtuber Creations!

Boost your Streaming Performance with Personalized Live2D Models & Rigging commissions.

Vtuber creations

 About Artist.!


Hey, I'm Impyys, just a regular artist chasing my dream of going pro. Please don't judge if I mess up sometimes, I'm still learning and working hard to turn my love for art into a real job. Read More

Rigging Showcase

| Rigging  Showcase |

Missy_VT ★★★★★
Half Body Vtuber Model Showcase | Art & Rig by @Impyys
@ZaynneVA Male Vtuber Model Showcase | Art & Rig By @Impyys
★★★★★ Kwolve

High quality Movements at affordable Price

Why You Should Choose  Us.?

Characters + Rigging

A fully Rigged Live2D model can be purchased starting at 180 USD.


 Silver Package: 

  • Half-body + Rigging: 180$ 

  • Full Body + Rigging: 255$ 

 Gold Package: 

  • Half-body + Rigging: 310$ 

  • Full Body + Rigging: 420$ 

 Platinum Package: 

  • Half-body + Rigging: 540$ 

  • Full Body + Rigging: 625$ 

 Only Rigging Package: 

  • Half Body Rigging: 155$ 

  • Full Body Rigging: 225$ 

Unique to your ideas

Trust us to transform your virtual identity with my seasoned artistic skills. All we need are the details of your character [a clear idea] and some reference images to understand your Vision.

 Details Such As: 

  • Character Gender

  • Approx Age

  • Hairstyle & Color

  • Character Personality

  • Clothing Style 

  • Body Type {Ex. Muscular, Chubby}

Are allotted for changes

There are multiple stages in the process in which you can request changes as per your requirements.


  •  Sketch Draft  | Unlimited Revisions

  •  Base Color  | Unlimited Revision

  •  Final Character  | Minor changes

  •  Rigging  | Minor + Major But will depend upon the type of change requested.

Addons You can request

  •  Hands With Tracking  | 175$

  •  Different Hand Poses  | 35$ 

  •  Accessories  | 25$

  •  Hotkey Expression  | 25$

  •  Pets/Fictional Creature  | 75$ 

  •  Outfit Swap  | 145$

Copyrights:- Belongs to You. But As a creator, I have the right to showcase the model on our Sites/Portfolio Please also credit me as the artist where ever appropriate

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