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2d Vtuber Models

Affordable yet! Custom 2D model commissions for aspiring streamers.

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Shadow of Vtuber model
2d Neko Ears Vtuber avatar.webp

About Us!

We are a Child company of owned and Operated by Artist known as @Impyys.

Formed to provide authentic Vtuber model commission services to aspiring streamers.

| Rigging  Showcase |

Rigging Showcase
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I have really enjoyed working with this artist they are so skilled and I love my vtuber so much!!!

Also, Love the logo/watermark for my Twitch streams!!

  • Twitch

Kept in contact the entire process, amazing design and had everything I was looking for, in love with the model and really excited! Super glad I choose this artist, talented and good quality, not to mention friendly! Definitely recommend to others who want amazing quality at such an affordable price!

This artist is amazing to work with! Kept me updated with the whole process and allowed me to be apart of the creation process! I am very happy with my model!!

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Why You Should Choose  Me.?

Sketch of anime character
2D witch anime character.webp

Characters + Rigging

A fully Rigged Live2D model can be purchased starting at 310 USD.

Model Packages:

  • Half-body (bust-up) + Rig 310$

  • Full Body + Rigging 420$

Standard Rigging Includes:

  • Breathing

  • Blinking

  • Tilt and Body Movement ( X, Y, Z )

  • Eyeball Motion

  • Eyebrow up and down

  • Mouth movement

  • Hair and Physics

Unique to your ideas

Creating your own original character, digitally hand-drawn in Japanese anime style based on your ideas. All I need are the details of your character [a clear idea] and some reference images to draw.

Details Such As:

  • Boy or Girl Character

  • Hairstyle - Eye Color

  • Character Personality

  • Clothing Style + Color

  • Body Type {Ex. Muscular, Chubby}

Are allotted for changes

There are multiple stages in the process in which you can request changes as per your requirements.


  •  Sketch Draft  | Unlimited Revisions

  •  Base Color  | Unlimited Revision

  •  Final Character  | Minor changes

  •  Rigging  | Minor + Major But will depend upon the type of change requested.

Addition Addons

  •  Hands With Tracking  | 245$

  •  Different Hand Poses  | 55$ 

  •  Accessories {EX. Glasses}  | 30$

  •  Complex Expression  | 75$

  •  Pets/Fictional Creature  | 145$ - 245$

Copyrights:- Belongs to You. But As a creator, I have the right to showcase the model on our Sites/Portfolio Please also credit me as the artist where ever appropriate

| Model Showcase |
Anime neko ear character_edited.png
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Commission Open

Available Slots:

2 Open Slots

*We have set a limit on the number of orders we can produce at the same time so as not to exceed our capacity. If the number of orders reaches the limit, the orders will be processed sequentially.

Tracking Software
Additional Add-on 25$ each

Thanks for Showing interest in my work will get back to you within some hours.!


I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.
Please Read * Marked FAQ Before Ordering.

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