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VTuber Model Creation Process Between [Client & Artist]: From Character Design to Rigging

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

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In the realm of VTubing, the magic of virtual avatars comes to life through a meticulous process known as model commissioning. This blog serves as your guide, unveiling the intricacies of the 2D VTuber model commission process.

1. Crafting 2d Vtuber Model

A. Character Design

The journey begins with character design—a collaborative dance between VTubers and skilled artists. VTubers articulate their vision, providing insights into the personality, style, and branding of their virtual alter ego. The character design phase thrives on feedback loops, ensuring the evolving concept aligns seamlessly with the VTuber's creative vision.

B. Concept to Sketch

Once the character design is locked in, artists transition from concept to detailed sketches. This pivotal step transforms ideas into tangible visuals, offering VTubers the chance to review and refine the artwork. The sketches serve as the foundation for the upcoming 2D model creation.

Live2d Characer
3 Steps of crafting character

2. The Art of 2D Model Creation

A. Illustrating the Model

After sketching out a character in detail, artists incorporate Base colors into the character. This involves the creation of a two-dimensional representation, encapsulating the essence of the VTuber's envisioned model. The 2D model becomes the canvas upon which the subsequent rigging process will unfold.

Vtuber Model Cutting
Model Cutting

B. Precision in Details & Cutting

The devil is in the details. Artist meticulously attends to every nuance, ensuring that the 2D model not only mirrors the original sketches but also possesses the precise character cutting required for the smooth rigging process. This stage is a delicate dance of creativity and technical proficiency.

3. Infusing Life Through Rigging

A. Skeletal Structure

Rigging is the backbone that allows a 2D VTuber model to express emotions and movements seamlessly. Rigging specialists create a skeletal structure, defining key points of articulation. This digital skeleton serves as the framework for the subsequent stages, laying the groundwork for the virtual puppetry that VTubers will employ during live streams.

B. Dynamic Movement and Expression

The rigging process is where static art transforms into dynamic expression. Rigging specialists apply a digital "skin" to the skeletal structure, enabling a range of movements and expressions. VTubers actively collaborate in this phase, providing input on the desired gestures and animations that will define their virtual presence.

4. Iterative Collaboration and Refinement

Throughout the entire journey, collaboration is paramount. VTubers engage in an iterative process of collaboration and refinement with artists and rigging specialists. This ensures that the final 2D model not only meets their expectations but also aligns seamlessly with the technical requirements for live streaming platforms.

5. Quality Assurance and Optimization

A. Rigorous Testing

Before the grand unveiling, rigorous testing takes place. VTubers and the commissioned team meticulously examine the 2D model for any imperfections or glitches. This quality assurance phase guarantees a polished performance during live streams, free from unexpected hiccups.

B. Performance Optimization

Optimization is the final polish. Rigged 2D models undergo fine-tuning to ensure optimal performance during live interactions. This involves optimizing details to prevent lag or delays, providing audiences with a seamless and immersive viewing experience.

Artist Impyys



The journey from designing a 2D character to the rigging process in VTuber model commissioning is a symphony of creativity and technical expertise. As VTubing continues to enthrall audiences globally, understanding the meticulous efforts behind the scenes enhances our appreciation for the artistry that brings these virtual models to life. The 2D VTuber model commission process is a testament to the collaborative spirit that defines this vibrant and evolving digital landscape.



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